Currently purpose built Salt Rooms are very sparse across Australia. The increasing interest in “Salt Therapy” has accelerated in Australia with demand greater than supply.

Instead of spending $30,000-$50,000  to build a permanent Salt Room you can now purchase a portable room that can be placed anywhere and if it needs to be relocated onsite, it’s a very simple one hour procedure to move the unit to a more optimum location.

Practices outside of metropolitan area’s can purchase the units outright and pay for quarterly maintenance inspections (If required).

Please call Steven Bettles on 0427 878 378 to discuss your requirements.

We currently supply two person units with a 3-4 person unit being available end 2013.



A consortium rental is designed for small community health centres, where the local community share the contribution towards the total rental plan. As a result they have significantly discounted usage of the Salt Room that is housed at the community health centre or a public health facility.


Sporting Clubs

Sporting Clubs can hire the units for a single playing season, then take up subsequent rentals on the following playing seasons.



Our Salt Rooms are fully compliant for Australian conditions. Some core components are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and our ACMA Compliance Number is N103946907.

If a Doctors referral is used for our Salt Rooms they are then GST FREE.