How it works

Our Unique Technology lies at the heart of this Salt Room for Home or Clinic.


Our units incorporate a Unique Technology that provides Salt Aerosol which allows purified Salt to permeate the deep recesses of the lungs.This allows a clearing of the airways of mucous and congestion. Through warm air convection the Salt Aerosol is moved through the unit in a way to encourage thorough uptake and utilization by your lungs.

The Salt Tiles imbedded into the walls of the unit provide further “Salt Mist” and the much valued ‘Negative Ions” that also act at keeping the unit at constant humidity.

The purified Himalayan Rock Salt provides further “Salt Aerosol” that keeps the unit free of microbes and bacteria.

An additional Negative Ion generator is installed to round off the purity of this “Micro Climate”.

An average sitting will be 40 minutes and you can enjoy reading a book with a few cushions, listen to some relaxation music, or set up the TV and watch your favorite TV show through the safety glass door.


Our Two Person Unit is $5,999 FREE Delivery in selected areas.


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